NMC is a collective of dance-artists redefining the boundaries of choreography and performance through ambitious, cross-disciplinary practice. Working together we conceive, develop and produce work that challenges theatrical orthodoxies and creatively considers the relationship between performer and spectator. Placing the performer and audience in the same arena, we invite a distinct encounter with dance. By creating experiential performances in unusual spaces, our work creates pathways for audiences to discover dance; traversing the boundary between performance, architecture, visual and digital art. NMC provides a collaborative platform through which our artists can develop, shape the artistic vision and create content for our productions. Through each new production and our growing network of collaborators across numerous disciplines, NMC re-evaluates the position of dance in performance and what the experience of movement can be, changing the parameters of our art form. This is what we invite you to be a part of.


Clara Barbera
Clemmie Sveaas
Jonathan Goddard
Malgorzata Dzierzon
Jonathan Goddard
Alexander Whitley
Joe Walkling
Jonathan Goddard
Renaud Wiser
Robin Gladwin