Project XO

Project XO

Wearable robotics.

An online interactive installation.

Join us online for this interactive event where you get to control a live performer.

Project XO is an interactive dance installation devised by New Movement Collective that invites audiences to discover, create and play. In this experimental event, especially designed for our audiences online, NMC explores themes of control, agency and empathy. Using cutting edge wearable technology, Project XO is 3-way live interaction between remote participants, performers and technology. 

Audiences can engage with our interactive experience by navigating the exoskeleton suit and interacting with live performers from home. The participant experience is at the core of our concept, giving them a sense of play and responsibility. Project XO offers an alternative way of engaging with dance and robotics where members of the public can book a ticket for a time slot to actively engage with the experience online or join us to watch the event.

This is a unique proposition that challenges how audiences can interact with dance remotely and digitally, enabling us to stay connected regardless of geography and social distancing restrictions.

Project XO is currently only available on Google Chrome on desktop computers, laptops and tablets. 

Tickets are £6.50 to control the robot for a 15 minuted time slot or you can watch the installation for free on the link below.

Project XO Talk
7 June, 8.30pm via  Zoom

An opportunity to hear from NMC artists and collaborators about the development of this work and the questions raised by these new technologies. 

Availability is limited, please RSVP below by June 7th, 10am BST and we will respond with a link

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