In March 2020  in response to the Covid-19 pandemic,  NMC suspended artistic activity that required presence in the studio or theatre. After nearly four years of research, our premiere of Project XO at Sadler’s Wells, the run of 24  public performances, Talks and tour have been put onhold.

We continued to create and share our work remotely during this challenging time with programmes including  ‘Replay’ – an online streaming of four NMC full length productions, creation of the 10 x 10 film celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Collective, new user- friendly website  and our research into the remote version of Project XO. This new development would enable audiences that cannot attend a physical venue to engage with our interactive experience by navigating the suit and interacting with live performers from home. 

We have been pushing artistic boundaries for over ten years, however it has never been a more challenging time to be a daring creative organisation.  That’s why we need support from forward-thinking individuals who believe in our innovative work and the potential of the arts to transform lives. 

Ways to Suport

From £10 a month or £120 a year, you can already help support  our research, creation and innovative learning programmes. Joining at this level you will give insight into our work through regular updates and behind the scenes material while acknowledging your support on our website. 

Join NMC’s Commisioning Circle

As our Commissioning Circle Supporter, you will play a role in fueling our ambitions for the coming years. With productions spanning from Project XO – an intimate touring dance installation involving cutting-edge robotics — to large-scale immersive collaboration with live orchestra there is plenty to look forward to!

You will get close to the unique process that we undertake to make work from the early stages through to premiere, while contributing to a group of artists and a way of working that will influence dance in the UK for years to come.

Our Commissioning Circle Supporter package, available to donors of £1000 includes:

Invitations for you to join exclusive events live and online

Opportunities to follow our creative process in open rehearsals and through conversations with NMC members and projects’ collaborators

Invitations to opening performances of new productions 

Credits in NMC programmes and publicity 

Regular updates on our work and activities

Limited edition production images and access to performance footage

See our Commissiong Circle