A film by internationally renowned artist Graham Gussin and NMC

A unique collaboration between The British Army at Longmoor Camp, the combat camera team from Army Headquarters in Andover and NMC, commissioned by ArtSOUTH.

Filmed using the latest night vision technology, actions and activities that occur under cover of darkness are revealed in a collision between light, shadow, opportunity and structure.

"The work plays on the relationship between the hidden and the seen. The choreography allows us to think of a space usually associated with conflict and fear in a more contemplative and ambiguous way, while the night vision cameras bring forward ideas of covert and overt activities

The work intends to bring together different vocabularies: that of the dancers and their bodies as a means of expression and that of the Army camera team with very different notions of movement across such spaces.

Usually night vision technology is used by soldiers to perform actions and activities under the cover of darkness. These actions might be said to have a particular choreography to them, for example fast movements between static periods and rhythm dictated by light, shadow, opportunity and structures."

Graham Gussin



Choreography + Performacnce

New Movement Collecitve
Gemma Nixon
Malgorzata Dzierzon
Patricia Okenwa
Jonathan Goddard
Renaud Wiser
Robin Gladwin

Director of Photography
Martin Testar

Assistant Director +
Camera Operator
Dean Steadman

Judy Adam

Production Manager
Rachael Dalton-Loveland

Production Assistant
George Barber

Franco Ross Adams

British Army News Team
Kevin Capon MBE
Sergeant Gary Kendall
Corporal Andy Reddy
Corporal Richard Cave
Corporal Georgina Coupe
Graham Harrison
Lt Claire Jackson

Post Production
Colm O’Rourke at Sonic Films

Graham Gussin

Commissioned by