In the summer of 2013 NMC produced NEST, a multi-sensory dance performance for a unique space in the heart of London's West End. A commissioned performance was created for the former Welsh Chapel on Shaftesbury Avenue, prior to its renovation as a new arts venue Stone Nest.

As part of this project we gave 10 students and recent graduates from full time dance training the opportunity to experience this unique collaboration between 10 Choreographers and 15 Artists from Architecture, Film and Animation, Music, Costume D-esign, Multimedia and Laser Design through a mentoring scheme. Participants had the opportunity to support and witness the creative process close up at all stages from early planning and development of ideas between collaborators to the final performance.

As participants the New Movers were mentored by the NMC choreographers and dancers on a one-to-one basis throughout the creation becoming fully integrated into the creative process, learning and performing within the event.

The New Movers 2013
Amanda Dufour, Elise Nuding, Erin Johnson, Katie Saunders, Patricia Zafra, Rachel Middleton, Selina Welter, Jamie Neale, Nicholas Bodych and Piedad Albarracin Seiquer


"I found that working with so many experienced dancers helped me develop my own working habits and clarify my strengths as a dancer. It also helped me expand my movement material and gave me a better understanding of the standard professional practices that are expected of me as a professional dancer. Nest was incredibly helpful in broadening my network [...] I feel I have made connections with people who showed a genuine interest in my own development, and I continue to learn from their insight and expertise."

Erin Johnson

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NEST © Barney Steel