“NMC give you ideas, and in doing so take their place among the very best new dance practitioners. If dance is to stand shoulder to shoulder with literature, drama, film and other contemporary art forms, […] this is how good – and vitally, how intelligent – it has got to be”.

The Observer on Casting Traces


New Movement Collective (NMC) is a generation of dance artists collectively redefining the boundaries of choreography and performance through ambitious, cross-disciplinary work. With a long collaborative working history as creators and performers we have rapidly established a reputation for innovation, producing work that challenges theatrical orthodoxies and creatively responds to unconventional performance settings.

The success of our productions has been recognised through a number of award nominations including Best Independent Company in the UK Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards.

NMC consists of 11 artists working without a lead creative director. Together we have created a laboratory from which we can develop innovative, large-scale work that responds to our rapidly changing modern world and pushes our art form forward. We strongly believe that our unique working model unlocks new possibilities for dance and collaborative arts practices.

At the heart of this approach lies an ongoing reconsideration of the relationship between performer and spectator, acknowledging that both are active partners in performance. Placing the two alongside each other in the same arena, we invite a close encounter with dance, stimulating the senses and activating the imagination. This powerfully immediate experience of movement, sound and other media encourages curiosity and compels action, and in doing so, expands the possibilities of where choreography is manifested.

Through each new production and our growing network of collaborators across numerous art forms, NMC aims to re-evaluate the position of dance in performance and what the experience of movement can be.

Our aim is to change the parameters of our art form.
This is what we invite you to be part of.