In todays global world we can create and work from anywhere; constructing and finding our own home. Affordable and accessible travel, difference in living quality and the constant search for creative networks and opportunities allows for a dispersed lifestyle, where the individual constantly creates its own environment and with it, new modes of production. A whole generation of creatives live in locations of their choice, creating work independent from single locations and fixed structures undulating around multiple hubs of creativity.

The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, with its international community of students and tutors is such a creative hub. The studio utilises its networks, and creates a series of productions in relation to three expat locations, the remote islands Sardinia and Ibiza and finally the global hub of London, each time using the individual qualities of the location to drive a collaboration of music, dance and spatial performance forward.

SARDINIA — BASE STATION: A scenic event. The Sardinia event was the most remote and secluded of the series. The focus of Sardinia should be to produce the scenic elements of the year's narrative.

IBIZA — SPATIAL LAB: An event formed by music. The results of the first event in Sardinia formed the basis of a wider integrative event on Ibiza. The main aim here was to raise a level of cultural discussions and interdisciplinary collaborations across the art-disciplines, bound together by music.

LONDON – BROADCAST: A choreographed event. The final event will stage all disciplines together in the worlds most global city: A choreographed event, where the choreography reaches into every segment of organisation, workshop, conference and publication of the years development and forms one overall crescendo, way beyond the actual event itself.


© Valerie Bennett