A 24-hour cinematic choreography between architecture, dance, design, fashion, film, photography, music and food.

Angles of Incidence occured in a series across Europe in 2012 with events in Kuntsalon, Cologne, The Matadero, Madrid and White Building, London. Incidences evolve from the intimate setting of a dinner through to a public market, the event unfolds across five entangled acts: Supper, Concert, Lounge, Market, and Show.

The Supper
A fusion of salon talks and bite-sized courses set within a architectural rope environment.

The Concert
A series of cyclical performances throughout the evening where the audience, performers, and environment are interchanged. This performance featured the AoI music collective from Cologne and a DJ set from Andy Dean.

The Lounge
The opportunity to spend the night cocooned in specially designed pods suspended from the rope environment. Following the supper and concert, guests can experience the full 24 hours of AoI.

The Market
Gourmet local produce from local farmers, restaurateurs, and visitors.

The Show
The final performance of AoI—a collaboration with NMC, AoI music collective Cologne and Andy Dean. Where architectural installations transform into performance, then into art, then into sound, then into stage, and back again, unraveling and unknotting the very structure through which they have been formed.


© Valerie Bennett